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We were made for conquering the job, materials and elements. From industry-leading steel buckets to couplers and attachments, WainRoy® leads the way in strength, adaptability and speed. Because when the going gets tough, your tools should be tougher. Explore our product line and see what makes WainRoy the leader in material moving.

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Made for conquering earth. Wear battle scars like a champion.


Flexible enough for quick changes. Tough enough to handle anything.


For materials that buckets can’t hold. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

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Wain-Roy: Born to Get Dirty

In 1947, we invented the world’s first tractor-mounted hydraulic backhoe. From there, we grew – developing new attachments and manufacturing the world’s toughest buckets. Today, we are synonymous with earth and material moving. And by uniting the history and heritage of Alitec, Central Fabricators and Gannon® under the WainRoy® banner, we’re made even stronger and more versatile. We wear our resume on everything we make – the scrapes and scars etched into the surface of our products tells the story of battles won against the elements. We’ve literally carved out our reputation in the work that material movers do every day. We are WainRoy. And we were born to get dirty.


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